Sisters of the Heart



When I was in the fourth grade my family moved to a new state. The girls at my school passed a note the first day amongst themselves saying, “Don’t play with the new girl”. So every day at recess I stood outside by myself and watched everyone play. This went on for months. My one saving grace literally was church. That’s where I met Kim. She was in the fourth grade as well. She always greeted me with a smile and a bit of excitement. She was happy to see me. So every day at school I was invisible but at church my appearance was met with joy.

Kim and I remained close friends. One of our Junior High leaders said it was this unique relationship that was definitely born of Heaven. He was right. My blessings didn’t stop there. One night my life would change again. I was at a sleep over at Kim’s house with several other girls. There was this one who was such a ham. Her name was Sonja. Sonja was the third musketeer.

The stories I could tell would one day fill a novel. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a blog dedicated just to the three of us. For now we’ll settle on a few moments. We fast forward to dorm move in day. I met my parents at the airport that morning with my brother. Spent time chatting of their trip and then jumped into my already loaded down car to rush to Kim’s house. There we piled Sonja’s stuff into my car, crammed Kim’s stuff into her Dad’s truck and off we went to drive up to college and our dorm rooms. We all had different rooms with different room mates yet we were still always together. We just had this way of letting people in and being apart of us.

The three of us somehow knew how to be best friends and yet lead separate lives but still stay close. We were in each others weddings. Sonja and I have been blessed to often live near each other. Yet, we are always there for each other. We are there during death, the end of a marriage and the blessings of seeing our children born.

No matter the circumstance we seem to know how to speak the truth in love. How to help, how to hold accountable and how to disagree and reconcile all at once. These two women really are my best friends. They are also the sisters of my heart.

I saw this trailer today. I really love this movie. Makes me laugh and cry. Makes me think of Kim and Sonja. I love you two.


The Ripple Effect and Affect

There is one Christmas movie I watch throughout the year. I have it in DVD format and an online version. Honestly, it’s my favorite movie of all time. The movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. What I love about this movie is how uniquely it shows the affect of one person on so many others. It shows the effect of choices they made and what it would be like with out that individual and if they had never been born.

For years I have worked in Project Management or Management in one form or another. My choices and decisions that I made could affect policies and often how a company did business.

You know that example of a single drop in the ocean can cause a ripple effect. There is even a listing on Wikipedia for this. Each choice we make can have a wide and ranging effect on the lives of others.

I have been seeing the effects of choices that others made this week. Drops dripped in the ocean of life by friends, politicians and strangers. Just turn on the news and you will get an earful.

I will confess often times I will make decisions or choices based on how it will effect me and at times how it will effect my kids. I’m not proud of it. I’m finding myself reflective this week as I’m bouncing up and down from being hit by a large ripple.

We are so very interconnected with each other, in the end I believe that is a blessing.

As one of my friends always says. Don’t be a stranger.

Christmas in January

I had such a lovely blessing today I just had to share with all of you. I was given a Christmas tree. My kids and I used to love to put up and decorate our tree. But many years ago we had to move into a very small condo for a while. We had to give up our tree and many of our decorations. We have a little table top tree we have used ever since.

I love Christmas because it is the celebration of my Savior’s birth. I know there is commercialism out there but I just don’t let that enter my heart and mind. I love decorating a tree, putting lights up and displaying the nativity. My children get a whole week of celebration for their birthday, why shouldn’t my Savior get a month or longer. So giving up our decorations and our tree was a little hard on me.

We have since moved and had room but due to unplanned circumstances I had never been able to provide. Today at work they gave me a fully decorated tree that had been part of our office’s decorations. It’s beautiful. Instead of a bouquet of roses God gave me a beautiful reminder of his son’s birth. I felt so blessed I cried. I kept wiping the tears away all day. If you are a regular of my blog you may remember another Christmas without a tree that God suddenly provided one as well. In fact moments after I had shared with my son we may go without.

If you have read my testimony you will also see how God used a tree to bring me to a saving relationship with him. I love trees. Thank you God!