There is one Christmas movie I watch throughout the year. I have it in DVD format and an online version. Honestly, it’s my favorite movie of all time. The movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. What I love about this movie is how uniquely it shows the affect of one person on so many others. It shows the effect of choices they made and what it would be like with out that individual and if they had never been born.

For years I have worked in Project Management or Management in one form or another. My choices and decisions that I made could affect policies and often how a company did business.

You know that example of a single drop in the ocean can cause a ripple effect. There is even a listing on Wikipedia for this. Each choice we make can have a wide and ranging effect on the lives of others.

I have been seeing the effects of choices that others made this week. Drops dripped in the ocean of life by friends, politicians and strangers. Just turn on the news and you will get an earful.

I will confess often times I will make decisions or choices based on how it will effect me and at times how it will effect my kids. I’m not proud of it. I’m finding myself reflective this week as I’m bouncing up and down from being hit by a large ripple.

We are so very interconnected with each other, in the end I believe that is a blessing.

As one of my friends always says. Don’t be a stranger.