I had such a lovely blessing today I just had to share with all of you. I was given a Christmas tree. My kids and I used to love to put up and decorate our tree. But many years ago we had to move into a very small condo for a while. We had to give up our tree and many of our decorations. We have a little table top tree we have used ever since.

I love Christmas because it is the celebration of my Savior’s birth. I know there is commercialism out there but I just don’t let that enter my heart and mind. I love decorating a tree, putting lights up and displaying the nativity. My children get a whole week of celebration for their birthday, why shouldn’t my Savior get a month or longer. So giving up our decorations and our tree was a little hard on me.

We have since moved and had room but due to unplanned circumstances I had never been able to provide. Today at work they gave me a fully decorated tree that had been part of our office’s decorations. It’s beautiful. Instead of a bouquet of roses God gave me a beautiful reminder of his son’s birth. I felt so blessed I cried. I kept wiping the tears away all day. If you are a regular of my blog you may remember another Christmas without a tree that God suddenly provided one as well. In fact moments after I had shared with my son we may go without.

If you have read my testimony you will also see how God used a tree to bring me to a saving relationship with him. I love trees. Thank you God!