I had a Plan A.  Seemed to be a good plan too.  It was a simple plan really.  Work, pay my bills and provide for my children.   I had been through two lays off in the past 5 years but was now in a job that I was really good at.  I was living in the same house I had been in for several years and we were doing OK.   Then some tough circumstances hit and my kids and I had to leave our home and move into a little condo.  I sold a lot of our possessions and settled into a life of sleeping on a sofa but still being able to provide.  That was definitely NOT Plan A.  I was not going to let that deter me though.  After a year in that condo we moved to a lovely home in a lovely neighborhood and even got a better car.  I was still working in that job that I was good at.  In fact I worked crazy hard at that job.  Even had occasions where I worked 48 hours straight and most of it was unpaid.  I cared for the company and the people that were there.  We were back on Plan A.  I was providing a little better for my family. However, a few months after moving in and buying that car  Plan B hit.  I was laid off again.  I was told it had nothing to do with my job performance.  Yet, here I was packing boxes again.  I was now facing Plan B with a mortgage and a car payment.    by Pete Wilson

There had been a difference between the Plan B’s that occurred in my life.  The difference was my perspective.   Before this layoff Pete Wilson shared with me the book he had just written called Plan B.  I actually found it hard to finish the book. I remember sending Pete a tweet saying it’s taking me forever to read the book.  It’s not that it’s a hard read but for some reason I didn’t want to read about a Plan B in life.  Pete understood and said take my time.  He knew all things work in God’s timing.   Before the book was finished I had been laid off and into my Plan B.

I usually approach the life changing moments with an understanding that God is at work and sometimes with anticipation of another adventure.  However, when my kids and I moved into that condo I chose to endure much like you do a root canal. I knew it would not last forever but no one said I had to be happy during it.  I look back now and realize that God was really revealing areas in me and refining them.  After we were blessed with our house and I had been moved in I found myself crying.  I knew that this too could pass.  As a single mom earthly security seemed fleeting.

Pete’s book Plan B was not only a reminder of how God really works through these seasons of life but how we should be aware of them.    This last lay off took a bit to get over the shock but then see the blessings.  It would be a long time before I would have to work a 48 hour straight shift. As I allowed myself to be honest in how I felt with God, my fear, my stress and my anxiety. As I learned to be honest I was able to let go and let God.  God was in control.  I learned to take what actions I needed and to watch with anticipation of what God was going to do and to learn to trust.  That’s when the miracles would happen.  I remember a time when boxes were showing up almost every day with gifts, and much needed supplies.  I remember breaking down in tears over a case of toilet paper that showed up to my door.  God was really providing through so many people who loved us.  There were also envelopes in my mail with gift cards, checks and cash.  Some with a card of love and encouragement and others that were anonymous.

As I had read the stories and the practical lessons in Pete’s book Plan B I had learned to apply them in real life.  This book is not just for those going through Plan B but for those who will be going through Plan B, C and D.