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On August 28th I wrote a post called “You think you have it bad“.  I wrote about how the miners in Chile really changed my perspective on what was happening in life.  We may have a tendency to complain and struggle on a daily basis but nothing seemed to compare to being trapped alive 5,000 feet under ground.  One miner referred to their experience as being in an oven or living in hell.

On October 12th I was brought into my CEO’s office and informed that I was being laid off.  I was not the only one that day, there were several.  I stayed to train someone who would be taking on some of my duties.   My thoughts tried not to race to what do I do now?  How long can I keep my home or will I be another foreclosure statistic etc.  I focused on what was at hand.  I had a lot of information I wanted to share quickly and concisely.

I have to admit I went home that day feeling a bit in shock and drained.  I turned on the TV to learn that the miners were close to being rescued. I followed their story closely and found myself checking on them daily and praying for their well being physically and emotionally.  I sat and cried with many as the first ascended from their tomb below the ground to a re-birthing of their life.  Reporters spoke of how life would not be the same for them.  I sat there and looked at these brave men  who endured indescribable conditions to a life they may have never imagined before.

Now that I am facing my own time of transition I will continue to think of them and how God used them as an example to me.  The Chilean miners had perfect timing for they allowed me to step out of my situation and embrace their miracle time and time again.  Thirty three times I witnessed these men return to the surface and to their families.  I cried and rejoiced and celebrated.  I suspect many of you missed out on some sleep so you could watch each miner’s return as I had. Tuesday I awoke rather sleep deprived but continued my day long vigil by the TV while I started my job search.

I’m thankful to God for this life lesson and reminder to live with hope through all things.  On Tuesday I opened my email to see Jeremiah 23:11 sitting there waiting for me  I think it applies to both the miners and to me.

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.