Many times the steps to healing come from some moments of self realization.  Today a podcast I was listening was one of those defining moments.  Lisa Bevere was the speaker and I want to make sure to give credit where it is due.  Lisa has done some research into gender roles lately.  Let me share with you what hit me between the eyes.

I’m a problem!

In all fairness I am not a problem but that is what I had come to believe.  I heard her say that many women today believe and are treated like they are the problem. I stopped in my tracks and almost shouted YES!! That’s it!!

I am known to say I want to be a blessing and not a burden.  I say this because I see myself as a burden. Due to much hurt from my past and daily struggles and yes even my work environment I had come to believe I was a problem.  In all honesty I have someone who patiently reminds me of what a blessing I am and how thankful they are for me.  However, I pushed this truth away not even realizing it.

Lisa reminded us the in the beginning a problem was identified. You will find this in the book of Genesis.  Man was alone and it was not good.  God then answered the problem by creating Eve.  Adam’s response to Eve was not, “Thanks for the ball and chain God!”  Instead his response was one of joy and elation. She was the answer.

Today ladies I challenge you to look at life realizing you are the answer.  Gentlemen take a second look at the ladies in your life and realize what a gift they are.

I’m not a problem.  I’m an ANSWER!