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Yesterday I found myself grumbling about a few things in my life.  Money is forever tight.   I am struggling with house repairs or things like hanging a ceiling fan because there is no man to do it for me.   I spend my days staring at a computer screen in a gray cubicle.  I think I’ll stop.  I’m sure you all recognize the themes and can even claim doing it yourself.

I know it’s not right and it’s rather ungrateful to being doing this when my Creator has provided it all to me.  It’s all a gift.

I sat down and noted an update on a story I have been following in the news.  That’s when I got to see this video.

Talk about a perspective change.  Next time you think you have it so bad remember these precious men.  Let’s not take all those things we grumble about for granted any more.  They are all gifts.  Let’s start believing it.

Please join me in prayer for these men who have just found out in a very profound way what is important to them.  I encourage you to read up on them and the letters they have sent their loved ones.  It will change your way of thinking.