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Awwww camp.  Brings back amazing memories. Memories of summer love, camp fires, t.p. all over the cabins, sewer roaches, bad food, injuries, sleepless nights, crying at the end of it all.

I loved camp growing up.  My first camp experience I got to sleep in a Tee Pee.  By then end of my teen years I had even worked at the same camp I got to attend.  I have memories of teaching 4th -6th graders how to shoot bb guns and cooking meals for 300 plus kids.

However, my best memories were of the chapels.  Yes, we had chapel several times a day and then the end of the day we had a fire at victory circle.  There we saw lives change.  Kids gave their lives to Christ or rededicated their life.  As a believer in Christ I grew and build relationships with others that still last until today.  We have found that we have needed lean on each other and lift each other up through life.

campLast week one of my kids went to camp.  This week another is there as I type this. As a parent I feel it is important that my kids attend.  It’s not a privilege earned but a gift I give freely so they can grow in their faith and build those lasting friendships that will be there for them later in life. Often times we as parents take these kind of activities and count them as something a child must earn.  We take church activities away because of poor grades etc. I want to challenge you to reconsider.  If your child is struggling in some area of their life camp may be the very thing to help them. The same may go for other church activities.

Got camp?  If not can I suggest you get it!