Today I felt like something cold and fruity for lunch so I  ran to a local frozen yogurt shop.  I have to keep my expenses low and budget like crazy but this place is pretty inexpensive.   I ran in and they had a new mango and orange flavor.  Yum!  I carefully measured out the right amount of yogurt and threw on my fruit knowing it would up the price a bit.  I then proceeded to walk up to the register and wait in line.  In front of me were two high school girls.  I noted they were from the private school nearby because they wore the school uniforms.  They both had very large yogurts and were attempting to pay with a $50 bill.  For some reason the owner was refusing the bill and still insisting they pay.  All they had was that $50 bill.   There was some discussion and no progress made.  So I speak up and say, “I’ll buy them.  Here’s my card.”  The owner believe it or not seemed a bit upset with me. she insisted she had not wrung up my order yet. I once again explained I was paying for all three add to please total them together.  The girls stood there not sure what to do.  I was thanked for my good deed at we all headed out of the shop. That’s when it happened.

Walking to the car my thoughts turned uglyThose girls could obviously afford the yogurt.  That shop owner actually turned down a sale?  What is happening to people?  Now I, a single mom, living from paycheck to paycheck has to pay for it.  Couldn’t they have gotten smaller portions? Well,  I think I’ll stop there, you get my point.  Why couldn’t I have just seen it as an opportunity to love as Christ would love?

Matthew 7:12 (New International Version)

12So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.