CleaningYesterday’s post had me thinking on all the things that God is truly cleaning out.  As I had mentioned during spring we have a tendency to go through our house and clean out all the muck that has built up over the winter season.  The same occurs spiritually and emotionally in our lives.   Seasons are apart of our lives and are not just atmospheric changes.  Winter can set in on our home and lives when a partner is unfaithful or a loved one passes away.  During this time muck can start to accumulate and build up.  However,  just life in general and a not so stormy winter can create a bit of muck in the corners and those areas need a good spring cleaning as well.

In my personal life I have realized that some muck just keeps showing up.  Forgiveness is an area that I usually don’t struggle with but this season has been a bit rough.  I won’t go into detail as to those I need to forgive but some seem to require me to forgive more often then others.  I think we may all have a few of those in our lives.

In this case I have to add myself to the list.  I am my worst enemy and critic.  Forgiving myself for allowing myself to gain weight, to spend unwisely or even crying to much can be very difficult for me.  However, this season God is slowly sweeping out the corners.  I’m having to change my thought processes and some old habits.  Habits that die hard.  This kind of deep cleaning can be painful.

So I am going through a deep cleaning process. It’s one I am reluctant to go through but know I need to.  I’m even a bit doubtful, I guess I’m questioning if I can change. I just know that God needs to do the work, he needs to be the one to do the cleaning.

So what is hiding in your closet?