Its that time of year when so many of us start opening up the house and clearing out the winter layer of muck. In my house we start going from room to room and start looking for items we just have no use for. We did just move so this year we are going through boxes. We will then have a garage sale and try to convince our neighbors they need our old stuff. cleaning

I love this time of year because school is getting out. As a parent I love summer time and the opportunity for my kids to recharge and renew for the new school year.

Have you ever noticed that this time of year just brings this fresh feeling of renewal?

Right now I know that God is spring cleaning my life and soul. He’s going into areas of my heart I preferred to just shove stuff in and close the door. Much like an over stuffed closet or corner in my garage. I’ll be honest, it’s painful and serious work. If I don’t step up and with mop in hand allow this spring cleaning to continue in my heart I could be left with years of muck building up.

Personally I love spring cleaning after it’s done and my home smells fresh, all is in order and clean. However, the doing of the work is like pulling teeth for me. I would rather do my taxes. Seriously!

Ok, so my concept or analogy today is not new. It’s one others have used before but it is foundational and true. Do we actually allow God to do the spring cleaning or do we just close to door to our heart and say we will deal with it another day.

Consider this your reminder. Time to get spring cleaning before summer is upon us.

Psalm 51:10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.