/kənˈsɪstənsi/ Show Spelled[kuhn-sis-tuhn-see]

steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.: There is consistency in his pattern of behavior.


/kənˈdɪʃənl/ Show Spelled[kuhn-dish-uh-nl] Show IPA

imposing, containing, subject to, or depending on a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or allowed on certain terms: conditional acceptance.

Recently someone I think is very wise told me to look for consistency in a relationship I have with someone. That individual had been hurting me but it had been recently. Though I think they had wanted me to see that this person may not be good for me it had the opposite affect. I was able to look at this relationship and see how this was a new challenge for us. This person normally showed great consistency in treating me well.

In another relationship I could see a different pattern and how though they were consistent in their actions it was a negative behavior pattern.

Let me dig a little deeper and though I am speaking in generalities I do have a point. Both people are dear to me. So what is my response to be? Am I to be consistent in my response to them? The answer is yes!!

As humans we can’t help but be conditional. I’ll love you if… I’ll be your friend if… You can fill in the blank. Could the ‘if’ be if they treat us well? Give only us attention? Only meet our needs?

Our response really should be consistently unconditional love. In the case of the latter relationship I have set some healthy boundaries but I continue to love that person. In the case of the first relationship I have loved unconditionally knowing this is not their true character.

Honestly, neither are easy for me. I’m human and I have a lot of ‘ifs’ too but I want to reflect Christ more. Christ loves me unconditionally so who am I to not follow the example.

What are you consistencies and are you conditional or unconditional when it comes to your love?