When I was growing up we would go camping at least one weekend every month.  That was our time as a family to spend together.  Every night and usually every morning we would have a nice big camp fire.  Sitting there in the still of the night seeing the flames consume the logs and the sparks flying through the air.  I loved the beauty of it.  Even after the fire burned down there would be this amazing glow of oranges, reds and pinks amongst the ashes, much like the sparkles of hidden jewels.

In life we will go through fire after fire.  This fire will refine us, purify us and leave us often in a state of total ashes.  We are torn down and broken to the point we feel inside out.  That’s when the miracle happens.  Those hidden jewels or glowing embers amongst the ashes appear so beautifully.  There is beauty from ashes.