If you don’t know who Kate McRae is then stop everything. Stop reading this blog and run to http://www.prayforkate.com/ Then come back and read.

Welcome back. Now that you have just been amazingly blessed and challenged and stretched let me share how my Pastor’s daughter was used to bless me at a time I so desperately needed it. At the time Kate’s struggle with cancer was rather new and Holly her mom was wearing herself out giving. Women of Faith was coming to town and I could not help but think that Holly would not be joining the women from church in attending. Sheila Walsh is a “friend” of mine on Facebook. So I got up the nerve and messaged her. I knew she had heard of Kate’s story and was asking others to pray. I reached out to Sheila asking if there was any way she would have time to visit Holly in the hospital. She was concerned about just being another celebrity to visit. I encouraged her to go though I really think Sheila had this lovely idea long before I asked.

I thanked her greatly and told her I could not wait to follow the tweets of the event. Yes, Sheila is a master tweeter and makes you feel apart of each Women of Faith event when she is there. I love praying for them through these weekends. I have never been able to go and just figured I would never get to. Like I mentioned to her I’m a single mom and pizza nights with my kids was more important then retreats or conferences at this point in my life. It was an expense I could not spare. I figured that was the end of the discussion. It wasn’t.

This dear lady offered me a couple of tickets to see Women of Faith. She had no idea of my struggles and trials I had been going through and how beat down I was at the time. I could not believe. I attended Women of Faith and cried through a good portion of it. My friend I took was recovering from surgery and never got to finish the conference. The ladies near me introduced themselves to me because I was alone. Turns out they were long time attendees and said this was the best one yet.

The sessions spoke words of healing to me and the worship was amazing. I was in awe of these women I look up to as they were transparent to us. At the end of the conference I bought Sheila’s book and stood in line to see her. Words could not express how much that weekend meant to me. She just let me cry. I shook because the emotion was so strong. I could not say what I wanted to, to her. I still have yet to message her back and express because the emotion comes up even months later.

Kate and Holly McRae was my reason for reaching out to Sheila yet I feel in return I was the one to receive the blessing. I just wonder how many other stories like this are out there. Are you someone who has been blessed in one way or another because of Kate McRae? Share your story with me. I would love to hear it.