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I was reading through some old articles I once wrote for a single parent newsletter and ran across this. This lesson is one I still am learning today. I thought I would share in case God can use it in your life as well.


A few people have heard from me confess to a lack of faith. I knew my faith needed to be strengthened. A memory from a movie kept playing in my head. I’ve been remembering a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last crusade. In this particular scene Indiana is standing at a very large precipice and he must get across. The instructions given to him to cross said for him to just step out. He had to take a step forward off the cliff and put his full weight forward. When he did his foot landed on a bridge. The bridge looked like the precipice so it was camouflaged. Thus the invisible bridge was now visible.Indiana Jones

God often asks us to step out on faith. Only we do not have to trust an encryption on an old temple wall. We get to trust Him.

I personally have dealt with a bit of fear and anxiety over not having a job. On the other hand I truly felt the Lord leading me to start an at home business. I’m in the middle of the training and learning and I guess you could say “stepping out on faith”. Income has not started and my doubt has.

As I write this it is Sunday evening. Pastor Roger Ball spoke this morning on Jesus the son of Man. He shared with the church the lack of faith Philip and Andrew had in God providing for the 5,000 who were hungry. As you may be familiar with the story he turned some loaves and fish into enough food to feed them all and have leftovers. If my God can provide for 5,000 he surely can provide for the three of us in my home and our two dogs. Where was my faith? I now find that I do not just simply want to step out on faith but to run ahead in faith.

Are you standing on a precipice knowing you must step forward? Is your faith weak? I would love to pray for you. I also seek your prayers as I take the step off the cliff and put my full “weight” on Jesus the son of Man.