So you go out to dinner or even stay home and look forward to an amazing meal. Either you pay out of your wallet while someone else does the cooking and cleaning or you labor over a hot stove. Either way you looktoilet forward to this daily event called DINNER. Dinner is the opportunity to refuel your body and nourish it at the same time. Dinner can also be a time of quiet reflection or sitting down and enjoying the events of the day with family and friends. It is a great way to start bringing the day to a close. You then partake in the food prepared and enjoy every savory bite. Before to long the eating portion of the meal is over and you either wait to pay the bill or start to clear the dishes. Not long into this process something does not feel right. Soon regret appears as the knowledge of the decision you made in eating what you did has now caused a bad reacction. There is always a consequence to our actions. For instance you choose the right foods and you are healthy, you choose the wrong foods, maybe even spoiled foods and you experience…food poisoning. This happened to me recently. As I lay in bed feeling like I was going to die from my misery I could not help but see a similarity with our mental, spiritual, and emotional food.

Whatmind we put in our mind can keep us healthy emotionally or cause us to get very ill. How careful are you with what you allow to enter your mind and heart? Do you set healthy boundaries? Much like you would not willfully or intentionally eat a rotten egg.  Would you allow a so called “rotten egg” into your mind? Do you carefully pick your movies, music, and items you read? I think it really goes farther then that. When you go out to eat you trust the chef to prepare good foods. You would not expect him to prepare something that has spoiled. I think we can compare friends to the chef. We trust our friends and their influence on us. Do you choose the quality of person that would not intentionally prepare something rotten or spoiled?

As a parent I want to provide well balanced, nourishing meals for my family. This extends beyond their bodies but for their minds and hearts as well. After watching a movie I like to talk about it with my kids and look for teaching moments. We can often use these as a way to learn a lesson while doing a family activity.

So are you including food for thought in your life or just giving yourself food poisoning?

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.