I was recently on the phone with a friend in Hawaii. He was sharing with me how all the fruit on his trees were ready to start picking. The types of fruit included bananas, limes, mangoes, avocados and much more. I was a bit envious as I opened my refrigerator to see how bare it was. Rarely do we have much fresh fruit in our home due to the expense.

BeachLater that day he called from the beach. There he described what he saw. He was in solitude overlooking the blue water when a baby turtle emerged on the beach. That turtle was followed a few minutes later by his “brother”. My friend then saw the water spray in the distance from the spout of a whale. Before long the mother turtle emerged seeking her young. I could not help share with him how I was tearing up just thinking of the beauty of God’s creation and how truly blessed he was. He went to his truck to get his fishing gear when he saw two wild roosters playing around his truck. I laughed and shared with him how God was providing for him. You see, he could catch some fish and catch the roosters and have them for dinner followed by fresh fruit from his backyard for dessert. Everything he needed was right there. God had literally provided a feast for him. Here in Arizona fruit is not cheap neither is fish. While he was sharing what he saw with me we both realized he had been taking this all for granted. He lived in the midst of a paradise and it was lost to him.

This reminds me of my walk with Jesus. He is my paradise and I can easily take Him for granted though His majesty is ever present and in front of me. It’s at those times I am not truly abiding in Him. In John 15: 1-11 we learn that Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. Abiding in Him means we are deeply connected to him like a branch is to a vine. It is at this time that we can find joy even in times of adversity. When abiding in Him we become dependent on Jesus for everything.

When we see become despondent, worried and anxious this is a sign that we are no longer deeply connected to Him. Fact: when your horizontal relationships are failing it is time to look at the vertical relationship. Whenever we see trouble in relationships and in our mental state of being we need to look and see if we are taking Jesus Christ for granted. Are we no longer abiding in Him.

The whale my friend saw is deeply connected to the ocean. If we remove that whale it would die. The same goes for our spiritual well being. We must be deeply connected our Savior, he is our Paradise.

RainforestI challenge you to stop and see where are you in your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you do not know Him I recommend you visit this web site – http://www.needhim.org. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then evaluate if you are abiding in Him. If you are not let Him restore your life back to the paradise it can truly be. Take my friend for example. Each day is sweeter then the day before. He loves his time in nature and his time with Jesus. What an inspiration this man is to me. Let’s all do the same so that our Paradise can be Found.