There is a scene from the movie “The Patriot” that is quite stirring. The Character of Gabriel Martin, played by Heath Ledger, rides past the bodies of three men hanging in a tree. He rides past them and stops in front of the town church. The service has already begun. He enters the church and asks to make an announcement. The Pastor reminds him the church is a place of prayer and they are praying for the slain men. Gabriel Martin proceeds with his announcement despite the protests. He announces the militia is being called up and he is there to recruit any able bodied man. No one arises, and there are once again reprimands for being there. Then Anne Howard, played by Lisa Brenner, stands to her feet and boldly speaks out. She states that surely these men were just as patriotic as she. She calls them one by one and reminds them of their discussions and discourses against the enemy. She asks who would follow their belief with action. Well many were convicted and stood to join the militia including the Pastor.

This was an example of the American Revolution and the power of one voice. I believe we are on the cusp of a new Revolution. This is a spiritual revolution. A revolution against the sleeping church!!

A diamond is rare and precious, but that diamond originates from a piece of coal. A pearl starts off as a piece of sand. A forest starts from a seed. Yes, a seed, much like a mustard seed. You can move mountains with the faith the size of a mustard seed. Can you imagine what you can do with faith the size of mountain? May I remind you that the Messiah and your redeemer came to this earth as a new born child who was born in a filthy dirty animal manger.

How is a revolution birthed? It starts with one, one who chooses to rebel. That one then affects another, and another and another and you have the birth of a rebellion. The rebellion grows and it gives birth to a revolution.

In Ezekial 37: 1-14 Ezekial has been given the vision of the valley of dry bones. He is told to prophesy that dry skattered bones would come together and flesh and skin would be restored to them. These dry bones were referring to the nation of Israel who had lost all hope. As Ezekial prophesied the rattling of bones could be heard and just as he said the flesh and skin were restored to them. However, they were still corpses, dead. It was then God told him to prophesy to the wind (breath) to restore life to these corpses. The completion of the miracle occurred when he did as commanded and the corpses arose and came to life.

How many of us are like the bones, skattered. We need to be commanded and asked to hear the word of the Lord. How many of us are lifeless in our faith and need to have the Spirit breath upon us and restore us to life. God was prophesying a revival in the dispirited people of Israel. He can do the same today in the dead lifeless church. Not just a revival but a REVOLUTION!!

Will you join me and take up arms against the enemy and wake up the church and start a REVOLUTION?

Wake Up!!
Lyrics by KJ 52

How long you gonna sleep
How long you gonna act like you gonna act
Be how you wanna be
So when you gonna see
You need to get the facts but you wanna laugh
At what I’m gonna speak
You steady sinking deep
Plus ya sinking fast why you running back
Man why you wanna leave
So whats it gonna be
You need to get with that but your missed the fact
That what I’m gonna speak
This ain’t all a dream
You can try to dash but you gonna have
To face your reality
So this is what I seen
One day it’s gonna crash then you’ll understand
Everything I’m gonna mean

Wake up wake up
Wake up wake why are you falling asleep

So what you wanna do
You turn off the lights then you run and hide
And act like you never knew
Man you aint gotta clue
But you think you’re right every single time you
Do what you wanna do
So when you gonna choose
When you gonna try to find your peace of mind
It’s right there in front of you
It’s time to make a move
You can still deny but the time’s running out
Very very soon
So what I gotta prove
Why you walking blind when the signs
Is so obviously coming thru
Man this is now for you
You can try to lie and just still deny
But can’t change what is true