These are the true confessions of a drama queen. 

Hi my name is “His girl” and I am a drama queen.  Drama makes life a bit like a roller coaster.  There seems to be times of extreme highs and extreme lows.  Now understand that the traditional drama queen will embark on her latest adventure for the “fame” or “celebrity” stature she will receive. The attention is what she craves.  I to like many a drama queen do not like to be forgotten, taken for granted or invisible.  However motivation for my actions are not the same as traditional drama queens. I used to hide everything and not let anyone know what I was going through or struggling with.  I have sense learned that we are here for each other.  We were not made to be alone.  God created us for community.   I also have to confess that at times I want to slip into the comfort zone and not open up.   

Recently during a heart to heart with God I mentioned I was tired of the all the drama and wanted to live a quiet peaceful life.  He gently reminded me of a commitment I made to Him. I had promised to wild, and barbaric in my faith.  I promised to live a sold out for Jesus life.  He gently reminded me of the others in scripture who had the same commitment.  He challenged me to find one that did not have a life filled of drama.  I couldn’t. 

Let’s look at Paul.  Come on now there is Drama King if I ever saw one.  He came to Christ not because someone shared but by a blinding light and the voice of Jesus on the way to Damascus.  How many of you have experienced that while on the way to Walmart?  Paul was ship wrecked, imprisoned, stranded on an island, beaten and left for dead.  That is just the beginning.

John the Baptist, his whole life was one big drama.  Remember when Mary visited Elizabeth and he jumped in the womb when he heard Mary’s voice?  That was act one of his drama, the middle included eating locusts and wild honey, wearing camels hair clothing and hearing God’s voice when baptizing Christ.  His final act or great drama was his death when he was beheaded and is was presented to Herodias on a platter.  Now did that guy know how to make an exit or what?

It appears that drama is the life of a person who chooses to follow Christ.  Often times drama can be looked at by others as stupid decisions, crazy behavior and irrational choices.  However, just because it appears to be does not make it so.

I have come to the realization as reading about Daniel, Elijah, Esther and others that the life of peace and quiet may not be the wisest and best choice.  So I proudly confess to you today that I am a DRAMA QUEEN. (Applause!!)