Lisa is an amazing young woman in her twenties but because of circumstances in her life she will forever be a baby. Why do I want to be like Lisa? Let me share with you why.

Lisa has a Father who will always love, care for and protect her as long as he is alive. He will always do what is best for her. He loves her unconditionally and sacrificially. How does this make her respond?

Honestly Lisa loves her Daddy like no other. Her smile when he gets her is evidence enough. That young lady trusts him explicitly. She knows he loves her and she knows he is there. It’s that faith of a child and the unconditional love to her Father. She simply trusts, she communicates what she wants and needs. A very simple loving relationship.

You see this relationship has so profoundly affected me. To me I want to be like Lisa and love my heavenly Father and trust him the way she does her earthly father.

Now I am a twice blessed woman. Lisa’s earthly father is my best friend. He is a part of my family. He loves me unconditionally and sacrificially and he models that Christ like behavior so well.

This note today is not long. It is not profound or complicated. Today I want to challenge myself and challenge you to have the faith of a child even when we are sitting in the body of an adult.