There are some things that I am truly passionate about. A great movie, book, play, poem, song, photograph, painting or sculpture can stir a fire with in me.

“Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte” painted by Georges Seurat is a painting I love to gaze upon and imagine the stories behind each individual so beautifully portrayed. I of course was not the first to consider this. Stephen Sondheim as well considered this painting much as I do and wrote the musical “Sunday in the Park with George”. A great painting can move another to create a story, a lyric, and a harmony that would result in a great performance.

My son drew a portrait of Jesus on the cross when he was about four years old. It was on a plain 8×11 piece of paper and drawn with a large black marker. But when you see this picture and the look in the eyes of Jesus, the chaos in the sky behind, it will move you. This child understood what was occurring at that very moment. I have this picture framed and in my room to not only remind me of the sacrifice but of the boy, my own dear son.

There is a song that has been playing in my mind over and over again this week. I have found myself singing it through out the day as I toil through the different labors assigned me for that day.

The artist has given me permission to share his lyrics at any time. He hopes they will bless you. Look at the story told in these lyrics.

Every day Man by Gary Chapman and Jerry McPherson

Every day somebody finds
Someone right for them
And every day they live
They live that first day
Over and over again
My someone’s out there somewhere
I’m waiting here all alone
Sure hope I find her before
She finds herself a home
Everyday man
Stays at home when he can
He’s in love with his everyday wife
All I demand
Out of love’s open hand
Is to live just an everyday life
Every day he goes work
He’d rather stay with her
And every day he comes home
He knows he’ll find things
Just like they were
Later on, they’ll say
Goodnight–they’re right
That’s what it is
I’ve got to find someone
To my nights good
Just like his
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, everyday, everyday man

Can you picture this couple in your mind? Maybe you find that you are that every day man.

Recently I sat down and watched the film Rocky Balboa. I know some critics loved it and some hated it. I am in agreement with those who loved it. It was a true Rocky film. It was a film of triumph. What a great story to tell. We have journeyed with this character over the decades. How many of you have had Rocky moments in your life, like standing on the steps in Philly, raising your fists in victory.

You see a great story can challenge, move, encourage, chastise as well as entertain. This is not new, for the greatest story teller knew that we would learn through this art.

God is the greatest story teller. By using the scriptures he has retold the stories of those who have gone before to teach us, to encourage us, to chastise us and dare I say even entertain us. The Psalms are musical lyrics that tell a story. Jesus used parables to teach those around Him and to use in this very day. Prophecy is explained to us in such a manner that we can view it in our hearts and our minds so that we can prepare.

When a story is presented to you no matter the format and it moves you, do you act upon it? Do you rise to the challenge and learn the lesson or be encouraged? Do you choose the stories you allow in your life wisely?

Each of you has a story. Each one was uniquely created by the greatest story teller of all. Will you step up to my challenge that I issue to you now? Share that story and seek to learn the stories of others.

You choose how you tell your story. God will choose how it is used.