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Evidence often unseen


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The day before yesterday God gently opened my eyes to a series of interwoven events that led me to sit and be in awe of him.  It was a new perspective I need in my life just at that moment.  I could see his hidden hand and how he moved others in small ways and yet impact full ways in my life. People who know or did not know each other being moved by their heart and yes even moved by selfish desires, but God used them for the good for me and my children.  I couldn’t help but smile as I saw have everything was woven together like a finely knit tapestry.  I love how God’s hidden hand can be found as evidence in our lives through the finger prints he leaves behind.

What a Privilege, What a Blessing



I will pray for you.

Those five words are powerful. Just think of how often you have spoken them. A friend mentions they have been sick, a coworker has a financial struggle, a family member is worried about loosing their job, and we say, “I will pray for you”.

I’ll be honest I have said those words flippantly and without a second thought. I’m wondering if you have done the same. Thought so.

Today a friend was sharing a prayer request with me. It hit me in that second what a privilege and what a blessing this is. Someone is entrusting me with a deep concern and asking me to go on their behalf before the throne of the almighty God and petition Him for them. Wow!! What an awesome responsibility and gift they have given me.